White Wedding Suit for Man: Good or Bad?

White Wedding Suit for Man: Good or Bad? Image

White Wedding Suit for Man: Good or Bad?

The different traditions announce that the bride, during the celebration of the wedding, should dress in white and on the contrary, the man must be in black. But what happens when the boy also decides to wear a white suit is it good or bad? Surely you have these questions in your mind, so it’s time to answer them.

For the answer is very simple, and there is no contradiction politically or socially speaking about the prohibition of such color in the groom suits. However, you must consider a number of factors.

First, the bride will always want to be dressed in white, as this symbolizes purity, and if you also the male of the tale does, you could remove the looks from your bride’s dress. This will clearly not give you a good result especially on your wedding night (unless you want to end up without sex during the encounter), take your time to think before making the decision of your life.

Now, if you have already reached a mutual agreement with your partner, and she agrees that you can wear the white suit, no problem. Remember that you have to choose a good tie, and shoes.

If you take into account the fact of wearing a white suit to go in synchrony with the bride, it is noteworthy that it is a perfect color to be worn in summer and outdoor spaces. Summer is the time of passion and love, do not miss it.


Well seen or if they make a mean look: it’s your wedding and you can dress as you like

Now, taking the opinion of those who oppose the use of such a suit, you have to take into account that the white color in many countries, not to say that in all, has a connotation towards chastity. Clearly it is very badly seen in the social aspect that a man comes virgin to marriage, and this, my friend, is what you could reflect.

The use of white, its virginity, do you want everyone to laugh at you? No, nobody wants that for sure. As soon as you take off your outfit and get to the wedding night, the girl will start asking you a thousand things. On the other hand, who cares? It’s your wedding and if you want to be dressed in thousands of colors, it’s your problem.

Certainly weddings, wedding ceremonies, and all that paraphernalia have constantly changed over the years. There are a diversity of artists who have been married, dressed in white, and the most virgin part of their bodies is their ears because they cannot “penetrate” in that area.

As a good conclusion, to the question asked at the beginning of the article, the answer is subjective, but something if you can properly say: this is your life, live it from beginning to end. The use of white could look bad in a male, but it is not mandatory not to use it, so take the initiative and be different from the rest.

Author | Xander Joyce Comments | 0 Date | January 20, 2017

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