Wedding on a Budget: How to Save Money in Style

Wedding on a Budget: How to Save Money in Style Image

Wedding on a Budget: How to Save Money in Style

Many times marrying is joy, but clearly not everything comes out as you expected, especially at the time of the ceremony or marriage feast. Surely you did not expect such high costs, but you know what? There are ways to carry out the party in your life without sacrificing high expenses.

  1. Only invite people who are really close to you

Surely you have a huge number of “friends“, but how many of them are you constantly treating? At this point, it is very important that your guest list is made up of the closest people.

They should be your circle of confidence, in any case, they will understand that your wedding will not be the most expensive and will not judge you. Also try to ensure that your guests do not take other people to the party that are actually out of the list, such as “intruders.”

  1. Use floral arrangements that are not very costly but eye-catching

There are many types of flowers, different colors and clear,



also different prices. However, the florist will surely have a good floral arrangement that suits your pocket and in addition it will be surely eye-catching

If you cannot buy roses, donĀ“t worry, as the white or pink color can also be used in this type of celebration. This is because these colors have the meaning of purity or tenderness, which will make the evening more pleasant.

  1. Rent a beach house for the wedding

If you want a different wedding with a “fresh” look and also, where you can admire the beauty of the sea; a beach house is for you. The beach houses, with pure sea view, are priced much more affordable than renting a commercial place. Surely it will be an original wedding.

In addition, the breeze, the sun and the different activities you can do on the beach will make your wedding a moment that everyone can remember with a smile. You can even decorate with Hawaiian accessories!

  1. The food should be simple but delicious

In the culinary aspect a wedding should always be amazing, standing out for the exquisite taste of tasting saucer during the day or night that takes place. If you want to save a lot of money in this aspect, it is best to opt for high quality homemade food, or on the other hand if nobody in your family is “the chef”, buy the prepared food in an economical site.

You just have to look at something, the visual aspect of the food and its freshness; If a food looks striking, you already have points in favor, besides, if it is fresh this will ensure in most cases an exceptional taste.

  1. A good photographer does not merit having to pay mountains of money

To conclude, you’ve probably been thinking about hiring a good photographer for the occasion and boy you can do it! There is an extensive, almost excessive amount of talent hidden in different social networks or directories of work waiting to be hired.

The best thing of all is that surely you will not be charged as much as that “photographic genius” and even, could end up taking better photos than this.

Author | Xander Joyce Comments | 0 Date | February 3, 2017

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