How to understand if you are ready for marriage or not?

How to understand if you are ready for marriage or not? Image

How to understand if you are ready for marriage or not?

Deciding to marry is quite difficult, because it means taking responsibility for another person. But sometimes a couple in a relationship simply does not understand whether they need to get married. Analyzing the relationship, you can always come to the right conclusion.

Step 1

Your joint life has long been arranged and you do not see serious disruptions in it. Duties on the house are distributed, and you know exactly who is preparing the dinner today. Anecdotic scattered socks or smelling tubes in the bathroom is a common thing that does not irritate any of you.


Step 2

Your life is completely connected with the partner, when making important decisions you can not do without his or her advice. When you want to start playing at new casino site, you often ask him or her if visit here is a good idea. You often say “we” in a conversation with friends or family and do not represent your future without a faithful companion, who has been around for several years.

Step 3

Your relationship has moved from a passionate to a tender and caring. The period of active courtship is over, now you are enjoying the natural course of events. The girl does not expect from the man of huge bouquets, but precisely knows that after work he will embrace and kiss her. A man does not require frank attire from a partner, but admires her home look in a soft robe.

couple negotiate

Step 4

You understand each other, sometimes even without words. You have come to the category of couples who negotiate phrases for each other, you often realize that you did not have time to say your idea, how your partner voiced it as your own. Your mutual understanding has reached its climax.

Step 5

Your couple often discusses views on the future, which largely coincide. You know exactly how many children you want, and what wedding format suits each of you. Dreams about life outside the city or in a large apartment surrounded by children and dogs are the same.

Dreams about life outside the city

Helpful advice

If all of the above points apply to your couple, you are quite ready to become a husband and wife. They mean that you are serious and do not think about finding a more suitable partner for you. Such relationships become a solid foundation for the official family.

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