Should You Get Married? Pros and Cons to Consider

Should You Get Married? Pros and Cons to Consider Image

Should You Get Married? Pros and Cons to Consider

Marriage clearly has effects on the lives of both husband and wife, “they will forever be happy,” is what they say, but what about the negative points?

In this article you will have a clear and precise summary of what you will gain from being together with a couple through the act of marriage, as well as their “bad” effects. It’s time to start!

Benefits of getting married

  • Having your own family, creating an environment between children a dog and a house, is a


    clear benefit of marriage

  • You will get attention, affection from your husband or wife, plus many benefits of social insurance policies contain plans for couples.
  • You will learn to live in harmony, in a communion or rather, teamwork, sharing responsibilities.
  • Household tasks or other areas such as work can be shared, to obtain greater results as many couples tend to develop life projects with points in common.
  • Greater economic stability; a study has shown that individuals who have decided to go “on the edge of marriage” ultimately have much greater economic stability, even in times of low employment rates.
  • You will improve your social life, since if both parties have friends in common or, conversely, have their own social circles; you will increase the number of people you know through feedback or interaction between “both worlds.”
  • You will see the reflection of you in your children; many parents tend to mold their children in ways that are contrary to how they were raised. This implies giving more emphasis to the negative points of your childhood and not repeating them, a clear advantage.
  • You will have sexual intercourse whenever you want, in the place of your house that you want and without any disturb.

Negative facts about the marriage

So, once you have already known most of the advantages involved in the wedding ceremony, it is time to talk about the adverse points. These are described below:

  • In the case that couples no longer feel mutual love, marriage will become a source of chaos and stress.
  • Purchases of goods must be divided by both parties, now nothing is yours properly said, but also of her or him even if has not put a penny for it.
  • Say goodbye to a variety of sexual partners, if you are one of those who enjoy having relationships in quantity and with different people, forget about that enjoyment.
  • Weddings are too expensive today; this is a clear disadvantage for young couples who do not yet have the economic stability they want.
  • Weekends are no longer a motive of celebration so instead; you have to focus on your responsibilities with the family.
  • People will not stop criticizing your actions during the marriage; to have children, not have them, have the support of the rest of your family, prepare for the wave of rumors.

Lastly, remember that marrying or not is not an obligation properly, you can be happy with yourself in a couple or solitude. Life is only one and the clear motive of it, is to enjoy it.

Author | Xander Joyce Comments | 0 Date | February 9, 2017