Making Wedding Decisions That Your Spouse Doesn’t Hate You For

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Making Wedding Decisions That Your Spouse Doesn’t Hate You For

These days a lot of marriages fail. For a million reasons. But perhaps most of all, we fail in communication. And if there is one day you don’t want to make this mistake is your wedding.

Weddings are there to remember. Whether you make selfish decisions or selfless ones, your future spouse is most likely to remember. So, if there is one advice we can give you for planning your wedding, it would be to make sure you both agree.

Planning Your Wedding is hard

We’ll be straight. Why not start with a wedding planner? They are professionals. Letting someone else organize an event they know how to do will take most of the hassle you are about to face.

Planning Your WeddingBut if you insist on doing things yourself, you first have to sit down for maybe your first hard talk in your beginning married life. Realize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Decide on the decision-making process.

Maybe your spouse is happy with playing live roulette while you make all the decisions? It’s not the worst of cases because it makes decisions much easier.

Or, maybe your spouse wants to be equally involved? Great, you need all the help you can get. Decide where each of you can take the lead and where do you agree right of the bat. Perhaps one of you is much better at matching colors, while the other is great at organizing?

The hardest moments will come when you can’t decide.

Let’s take music, for example. There can be a live band, a DJ, etc. Maybe one of you want the local jazz band, while the other considers a DJ as the best option.

Wedding MusicFrom our experience, you should pick neither. If you can’t agree, forcing a decision will only cause arguments and resentment. Instead, right down 5 or 10 options each on a piece of paper and see whether any of them match.

You can do this with almost any wedding-related decision. In this case, for your own sake, it is best to pick something you both kind of like. The alternative of something one enjoys and the other one hates is unacceptable.

If you are planning to live your life together, through thick and thin, then you should definitely start off the right way.

Author | Xander Joyce Comments | 0 Date | April 21, 2018

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