Card Counting in Blackjack

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting helps you to increase your chances of winning in the casino and to earn bigger profits. Especially with blackjack the technique is good and easy to use.

Almost everyone has heard card counting before, but few know what the controversial tactic is all about. First, you should know that blackjack is ideal for card counting. Gambling is extremely simple, making card counting very easy. We’ll show you how to gain an advantage and what to look for in card counting to get the highest possible profits and not get caught.

How does card counting work?

The theory behind card counting blackjack is very simple. Basically, it is important in blackjack to know which card comes next. This is usually very difficult because the probabilities for individual values ​​are very small. To get an advantage over the casino, you can count the cards. For this purpose, the so-called running count technique is used.

To apply these card values ​​are divided into three groups. Low cards from 2-6, middle cards from 7-9 and high cards from 10-ace. If you see a low card, count them as +1 while higher cards count as -1. Medium cards are neutral. James Packer has ex-wife Jodhi Meares ‘on speed-dial’ means that when the calculated value is over 0, mostly high cards are in the game and at a value below zero, mostly low cards.

The greater the absolute value, the more reliable the prediction of how high the next card will be. Often you have to play several rounds to get a significant value in your bill. This can then help you to make informed decisions in the game.

Is card counting blackjack successful?

Although card counting blackjack increases your chances of winning, it still offers no absolute security. However, you can get a big advantage that will help you win more often in the long term.

It is important that you play and / or observe over a longer period, because the card counting reaches its maximum potential only after a few rounds. If you master the technique well and use it properly, you should be able to increase your chances of winning and make steady profits.

Online casinos ‘failing on problem gambling’ counting Blackjack: Is it allowed and what do casinos do about it?

Basically, card counting in blackjack is not illegal or illegal, because nobody can forbid anyone to use his brain. However, it violates the house rules of most casinos. A casino does not have to let a player play blackjack, and if he wins too often or obviously counts cards, he can be removed from the house.

For this reason, you should only use the tactics inconspicuously and not overuse their luck. Many casinos take measures to make card counting more difficult. For example, players are regularly monitored by security personnel and many casinos use multiple decks of cards, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of card counting blackjack.

All in all, card counting blackjack is a very good tactic to increase your chances of winning. They gain an advantage over the casino and thus can earn higher profits. However, before you start counting cards, you should practice well so that you can master the technique well and use it inconspicuously. If you are caught, you can be thrown out of the casino and lose your profits earned until then.

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